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Here begins the bliss in a stunning new setting of greenified elegance where tension recedes,cares melt away and slowly you surrender to your surroundings.Be swept away bya vibrant experience like no other and never before. It’s ECOPOLIS, your new sense of arrival to your contemporary mystical journey-now open.
For those few who have taken a space that already a decorative green roof, we suggest why not to take one step further and grow vegetables on it ? it’s only because the green-roof farming has slowly been central to their sustainability plans across the globe.
Besides the decorative benift, roof planting would provide food, temperature control, hydrological benifts, architectural enhancement, habitats or corridors for wild life and recreational opportunities.
One can plan and make their onw terrace garden quite easily, but there are certain Technicalities those have to be kept in mind which can be discussed. Also it is advisable if you can get opinions of professionals on these technicalities.
Load Bearing:- You have to make sure that your terrace/roof is strong enough to bear the load for the garden.
Drainage:- The terrace should have adequate drainage to help drain out the excess water that would be constantly used for watering and cleaning the garden.
Waterproofing:- Your terrace should be waterproof so that the walls do not end up getting damp marks.
Planning the Garden:- Start with making a layout plan for your Garden.Decide on the features you want in thne garden namely, the plants, seating, lighting and accessories.
Selecting the Plants :- There are certan limitations in selecting the plants as you will be planting them in either planters or on the terrace. I am sure you do not want the roofs of the plants trying to find their way through the roof floor. Hence plants with fibrous roots and not tap roots are suitable for Terrace Gardens.
Soil to be used :- The soil or the growing media should be a light on so as not to add undue weight on the terrace.
Organic Composting :- It is the natural way of recycling. You can do composting at your homeor in a small open space. It is really easy to do, and it’s about to be responsible for some of the waste we individuals generate.

"ECOPOLIS can be one of the Options".