Business plan

Total Security of the IPBP max
ECOPOLiS offers the plan where your savings towards future days are carefully preserved in shape of land with full guaranteed ensure that the contribution you make (less or small administration free *) during investment are kept intact and they fetch reasonable returns.
IPBP Benefits
     Welcome Letter.
     Membership Unique ID card.
    Get registration Land measuring 15 x 50 = 750 sq. ft. as per the convenience of company.
    Get 100% guarantee Bond/certificate of your invested amount option from
   1) Bank Guarantee: SBI / AXIS / HDFC,
   2) Company Guarantee: GI group 6 PDC
   3) Life Insurance Company Guarantee: GUG plan of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance with 100% FV
     Get a pay direct card of ICICI / Axis Bank.
     Free Accidental / insurance Benefits of SA 100000 from GIC.
How does a MATRIX plan works?
   Earning PLAN
   Level 0=NA
   Level 1= Rs 2000/-
   Level 2= Rs 300/-
   Level 3= Rs 300/-
   Level 4= Rs 300/-
   Level 5= Rs 300/-
   Level 6= Rs 300/-
Choice of unlimited earning
   When you enrol your friends as a new IPBP member, we pay you an incentive of Rs 2000/- and Rs 300/- of your friends investment. So this means, you earn cash every time you introduce a member to every level your plan. Subsequently, when your friends start introducing their friends, they get similar returns and you still continuous to earn from the chain up to six level and the chain goes on to simple incentive. But you have just started an excited journey for a perennial income!
The IPBP max reward & How they work
   Any individual having age 18 years and above can enrol in our IPBP. He / She has to deposit a sum of Rs 300/- for IPBP processing fee it is non-refundable, and then the IPBP member has to pay advance for the option to buy a Land space worth of Rs 10,000/- and thereafter in multiple of Rs 1000/- and get registration on his / her name as per the convenience.
   1. Every time someone buys a IPBP membership from you, we will pay you Rs 2000/- of the net
      investment of the plan sold by you.
   2. You have just created the first level of IPBP customers under your membership.
   3. When they sell IPBP membership to others, they create the second level. They will earn
       Rs 3000/- of the net investment of the membership in level 2.
   4. And when the customers in level 2 create a level 3 of new IPBP membership introduced by them,
       they get Rs 1500/-, those in level 1 get Rs 300/- and you get Rs 300/- of the net investment of the
       customer in level 3.
   5. Subsequently, a chain grows below, you continue to get Rs 300/- of the net investment made by
       the new IPBP members in 4 to 6.
   6. Once your chain reached six level below you, then you may de link and start another chain,
      you continue your earnings from other chains you had already created.
   7. If the level1, level2, level3, level 4, level 5 investors does not make any willingness to work in the
       matrix plan, then the investors can introduce directly in his chain to sixth level to get Rs 2000/-.
Incentive & Appreciation Bonanza
   We strongly believe in those who are sale our product and give continuous result as and an IPBP holder can be eligible for this exciting incentive bonanza after achieving the below designed layers. Hare is no stipulated times limit to archives this incentive. You can achieve the following while completed 6 level is called one layer on your matrix plan.