THE ECOPOLiS REGISTERED UNDER COMPANY ACT 1956 in the year 2010. General term and conditions in connection with property investment (highly secured) are as follows:
The prime objective of the plan is to avail the highly secured investment through plotted land, maturity bond value          certificate of invested amount, Accidental insurance & unlimited matrix plan income.
The subscriber has to fill up the application form in full BLOCK LETTER in English only.
3.         All subscriber have to pay their investment amount i.e. Rs 50,000/- at any of our branch office or corporate office by         way of cash/dd/cheque in favour of ECOPOLiS payable at Bhubaneswar.
Company will issue the manual/on-line auto generated money receipt of the invested amount to the subscriber.
The IPBP(Independent Promoter Business Plan) subscribers will be registered with a plotted land measuring
        15x50=750 sq. ft. for one unit with registration in his/her name by the company.
The management of the company hereby reserves the right to invest/change/amend/modify and alter any of the
        rule/regulations investment amount at its sole discretion with or without any notice.
The company will allot a welcome letter along with computer generated unique membership ID card to the
Subscribers will get 100%  guaranteed maturity value bond/certificate of his/her invested amount from SBI/AXIS &
        HDFC Bank, GI Group guaranteed bond or BAJAJ LIFE INSURANCE GUG Plan with one lakh SA.
All the payments are subject to deduction of TDS as per the government norm.
Subscribers will get free accidental insurance of 1,00,000/- value from GIC.
In the event of unfortunate death of the subscriber, the membership may be continued by the nominee up to the end
        of the plan and shall avail all the benefits of the plan1 except accidental death benefit.
If the subscriber submits the application with thump impression, such application must be filled the vernacular
        declaration of the annexure details.
The company reserves all the rights of allotment and delivery of plotted land to the subscriber.
The allotment of plotted land shall be given to the subscriber as per the availability of land in various locations
        by the company from time to time.
Subscriber should make sure to accept the plotted land location during enrolment of the application.
Subscriber is authorised to sale his/her plotted land after the registration process is over.
Unit/plotted land certificate will be issued from the company to the subscriber as per their investment.
The expenses of sale deed, stamp duty and registration fee shall be borne by the subscriber.
The Government, Local authority, Development authority, Law, Regulation, Rules, Notification, order,
        Instruction, Tax, Fees, Levies, Valuation of sanction, for approval layout plan of plotting will govern by the
         members of this IPBP plan.
Subscribers have also an opportunity to earn extra income through IPBP max plan by way of introducing friends
        and relatives as given in the table of the company.
Term & conditions of the application shall be a bilateral contract between the company and the subscriber.
The companys interpretation of the terms and conditions shall be final. Disputes of any kind will be settled
         by arbitrators with the provisions of arbitrators & conciliation act, 1996.
The company reserves the right to reject the applications without assigning any reason thereof.
All disputes are finalized subject to Berhampur jurisdiction only.