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Organic Farming is the future Organic Milk gives more energy
Organic Farming is the solution Best Food is Natural Food
Our flagship firm Ecopolis Pvt. Ltd. has taken the initiative to establish India’s First Fully Automated, Corporate, Organic Integrated Farm in the  District of Khorda, Odisha. Organic Food industry’s current situation have inspired us to initiate a revolutionary step towards the development of this industry in a systematic, techno methodical and organized manner.
To provide pure, clean, hygienic & quality organic products to the consumers
To serve our Society by offering them qualitative products for a reasonable cost, which would help people to be healthy & immune.
Stay Committed to provide the best food, shelter & living conditions & medical treatments by Homeo or Ayurveda, Herbal medicines to the animals as per the global norms.
Be the green volunteers of the earth, making our environment, free from green house gasses, adulteration and contaminations.
To follow and train people to practice environmental friendly practices like: Rain water harvesting, utilizing solar power and producing bio-power etc.
Enrichment of health of our people
Employement and Empowerment of Rural masses.
We wish to achieve the status wherein India is considered world's largest producer of high standard quality food and processed is of supreme quality and at par with International Standards.
To make sure that this quality should be available at a price affordable to a common man, yet conferring the producers and the processors with the due rewards.
To set-up such an exemplary Hi-tech, Integrated Entertaining Organic Farm Project that shall prove to be a benchmark in Indian Agri Industry and to produce finest quality of dairy and other products of international standards.
making these ventures a commercial but socio-economically viable and fruitful. Our mission is to make the project a socially productive and welfare oriented
Being pioneer in organic produces, we are committed to all round growth of Nation, society and en-mass. In simple words, “Our objective is to make our next generation feel proud of us”. We wish to promote more and more use of organic products to get rid of the hazardous chemicals.